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January 24, 2016 josierk 7 comments
Spring and Charliegh

My name is Spring (40), and I have a beautifully blended daughter (5) named Charliegh. When I came across this website I was delighted. When I started out almost 6 years ago I had no clue what to do with the simplest of things. I have older children, but Charliegh was my only biracial child. In many ways I was very much a new mom. Everything was different. While everyday is still a learning process, I have picked up some very valuable information along the way. I only wish I had someone armed with that same information when I needed it the most.


I didn’t know much about the resources and online communities out there to support a mom like me. I came from a place that was very black and white. I was raised poor, my dad was gone for the majority of my childhood, and lets face it, I didn’t have the best parental examples. Though I love my mother very much, she is kept at a safe distance from our lives today. This is one of many sacrifices I have and will have to make for my child even if it breaks my heart to have to follow it through.


Unfortunately my family is clueless on how to help me. I have very limited contact with them because of their lifestyle/beliefs. Some things they say at could easily make my daughter feel less than the perfect little person that she is, and I will not have that in her life. She will face enough in this world, I will not have it coming at her from people she loves. Here fathers family lives hundreds of miles away. I have my community, her aunts from afar and God to lead me along the path.


I had a long road to getting to where I am. I share that in hopes to make the connection that I am like many of my readers. I am just a mom, with a high spirit. I have a need to silence hate, the lack of understanding and to help others with the things I once needed help with, no matter how large or small.


Sharing knowledge, even in the simplest form, is power.

Before I had Charliegh I was in the dark, ignorant to so many things. One of the major things that I was ignorant to are the struggles that mothers (and fathers) of black or mixed race children face on a daily basis. My world changed in ways that there are no words to describe, and I would not change a thing about my life. I would change a lot about the world around us though.


I had no clue how difficult it would be as a white mother to prepare my beautiful brown daughter for the things she will certainly face, the unfair odds she will deal with or the undue hate that others will attempt to make her own. Hate that I make sure she understands is not hers to own. Thanks to communities out there, other mothers, fathers and blogs like BiracialBoom, we can all become that village, that village it takes to raise strong, beautiful, independent and whole children.


I think in order to truly have healthy children the mothers, who are so much the heart of the family, and the fathers who may be raising their children alone have to be able to identify with others who are facing the same struggles. Parents have to be re-energized and know that they are not alone.


With that being said, while I aim to publish some great articles about self esteem, biracial hair care and the like, I also want to publish some blog posts about our unique struggles as parents to these wonderful, beautiful and talented children. We are dealing with some touchy topics in the world. If they are never discussed they become bottled or ignored, neither of which is good.


We have come a long way but the battle has not yet been won. I want to give a voice to some of those challenges we face while also helping with parenting tips, beauty secrets and great parenting ideas I have learned along the way.


It is understandable that everyone wont always agree with everything I write about. This is why I love and encourage feedback from my readers. Feedback is a way to get all voices heard, and in my opinion they all matter rather it is in alignment with my point of view or not. After all, our differences are what make us beautiful.


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