How to Wash a Biracial Child’s Hair

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how-to-wash-a-biracial-childs-hairAs I was going through the platforms looking for something a little more neutral to write about I ran across a question in one of the forums that really shocked me. It was a young mother desperate to find out how to wash her mixed child’s hair. It was not the questions as much as it was the answers she was getting that got to me. Her baby’s hair was extremely dry, and she was afraid it was actually going to all break off or fall out. I scrolled through some of the comments. I really hope this young lady found better advice before settling on the things they were telling her to do.


Two of the most important things you need to remember are: moisture is the key focus for everything you do concerning your child’s hair. This is especially true if your baby’s hair is dry or damaged. Do not put a relaxer on your child’s hair. His/her hair is not coming back from that.
Now that we have that covered, don’t wash your baby’s hair 3 and 4 times a week. I used to do that, and it started drying her hair out badly. I finally found out through trial, error and lots of questions to the right people a method that works.


You only have to wash once a week. You will do a conditioning rinse once a week. If your child has build up (like mine usually does) or needs it for moisturizing you can do the deep conditioning rinse twice a week. The conditioning rinses are for cleaning and conditioning between washes. Let me break it down.


Sunday night I use Tresemme Curl Conditioning shampoo and conditioner with Moroccan Argan infused in it to wash her hair out. I thoroughly wash her hair twice with the shampoo. I put the conditioner on her hair and rinse it afterhow-to-wash-a-biracial-childs-hairhow-to-wash-a-biracial-childs-hairhow-to-wash-a-biracial-childs-hair
three minutes. I reapply the conditioner and let her play with her bath toys while it sits about 10 minutes. I comb it through and rinse it out. I then put a leave in conditioner by Garner Fruitese n her hair and comb it through, squeezing out any excess with my hands. If I am not blow drying her hair (using a defuser), I allow it to air dry until bed and then loosely braid her hair to “keep the rats out” while she sleeps.


I use my typical line up of products from several different brands like Mixed Chicks, One n Only Argan Hair care or Mystic Devine Argan hair care (preferably products not containing alcohol). I avoid products that build up heavy or flake when they dry. I am always focused on conditioning first and hold second.


When my child sleeps and the curl pattern is disturbed I will use a spray conditioner, curl cream, wide tooth comb some mousse and dry oil spray to whip it all back in shape. Don’t use a brush on your baby’s hair, and don’t let it get matted up because someone told you not to comb it dry. Once you put the products in it is not dry. You can comb it and all will be right as rain.


how-to-wash-a-biracial-childs-hairLet’s say you used that trick Monday morning and Tuesday. By Wednesday evening you may want to do the deep conditioning rinse. When bath time comes I rinse her hair through with warm water. Then I will put on a deep conditioner, comb it through and leave it on her hair for the rest of her bath. I’ll rinse it and apply a leave in conditioner to her hair. I allow her hair to air dry and loosely braid it for bed.


I utilize the product dampening to comb and style her hair on Thursday morning, Friday and Saturday. Sunday comes and we wash her, starting the cycle all over again. Just remember alcohol based products and over washing only dries your child’s hair out worse. Deep conditioning and moisture are the keys to success and a beautiful head of hair!



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