Spring’s Response to the Old Navy Mixed Family Ad Backlash…Feedback Needed!

May 5, 2016 josierk No comments exist

Wow… are you kidding me?


springs-response-to-the-old-navy-mixed-family-ad-backlashfeedback-neededThat is all I can say to the recent backlash concerning an Old Navy ad featuring a mixed race family. Just when we think we are really gaining understanding and momentum something like this rears its ugly head.


What now of our children who may be old enough to truly understand what this hatred means. It is the perfect example of what our innocent children go through. As a mother I am livid. Racism to any degree let alone to this degree is unacceptable and ridiculous in 2016!


I took to the internet with hundreds of other mixed race families to post my family’s photo is defiance to take a stand against the racists and their derogatory remarks as well and to support Old Navy for sharing ads with diversity.


I saw words like white genocide and miscegenation thrown around. I also saw posts where they were comparing people to the interbreeding of dogs. This takes me to a place I have never been inside myself concerning how I see the world and racism. It almost makes me hate my own skin color, and I think I am as close as I will ever be to understanding how the world can make our children feel about the skin that they live in. I simply cannot wrap my mind around this kind of ignorance. There really is nothing we can do to protect our children from what is out there, but we can sure as heck prepare them for it as best we can.


Yes, I am furious. I never want my child to experience shame of who and what she is (like some people in the white community have made me feel at this moment). Yes! People who think like this make me ASHAMED to be a white woman. This is a way of thinking and being that I want no association with whatsoever. There is nothing WRONG with mixed race families or mixed race children but there is something wrong with people who are still full of racism and hate.


Now I really wish I could say what is in my heart right now. I do have to respect my readers and none of it is really something I would want my mother to hear, so I am refraining from stooping to their Level. What I will say is GOOD JOB OLD NAVY!


To the parents of mixed children, we have to share and unite on blogs, in groups and in person to show our children they are not the minority but these closed minded racists are. There is strength in numbers, and ours are growing. We have to make sure our children are prepared and that these ignorant “people” are unable to take anything from the amazing people that they are.


Please post comments and photos below representing your mixed race family and thanking Old Navy for supporting our modern families!







I am still upset, but I think it is more shock. It is with instances such as this that we have to face how springs-response-to-the-old-navy-mixed-family-ad-backlashfeedback-neededbad the world really still is. We want to embrace the changes in our family dynamics and the diversity in the families around us as a sign that the racism disease is beginning to go into remission. Something like the Old Navy Ad comes along and the cancer that is racism raises its ugly head. Now I don’t know about you, but I felt helpless at that moment which made me angry.


I do not regret anything I said, as a matter of fact it was very filtered considering the amount of emotion that was coursing through my very being. I will say that I recant the statement about being ashamed to be “white” because I have NOTHING in common with people who think that way. They are the ones killing the white race not us who choose to love without boundaries being placed on the lines of color. I am not ashamed because I do not want her to feel the shame. With that being said I did have a moment of clarity that showed me there will be times when white people make my child ashamed of her black bloodlines BUT there will be white people who make her ashamed of her white bloodlines as well.


So, rather than getting mad and ranting a river of hate to battle hate what I want to do is ask all of the mothers (and fathers) of beautiful blended babies like mine, how do we prepare our children?


We can sugar coat it all we want but racism is alive and real.

How do we prepare them for such cruelty, and more importantly, how do we prepare them to rise above it?


I would love your input, suggestions and concerns.

This is one area we all have to unite on, because our children deserve so much. Me personally, I see that I need other parent’s advice, suggestions and guidance. This is bigger than one person, and until we stand together we will fall. I do not want to fall, because I know who is watching. I want to teach her to stand. ~ Spring Lee.


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