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Check out our week-long, co-ed and girls-only online camps for kids 8 to 15 years old at


Minecraft Online Summer Camp


connected-camps--online-summer-camp-for-kidsAre you looking for a fun and creative online summer camp for your 8-15 year old child who loves gaming or spends all day on the computer? If so, Connected Camps online summer camp may be just what you’re looking for.
Instead of spending all day playing games, your child can take to the next level and start learning game design.

If your child is a techie, a gamer or simply enjoys video games, this camp is for him or her. Your child can learn engineering, coding and game design in our online Minecraft Tech Academy Camps at from the comfort of his or her own home.
And remember, Tech camps aren’t just for boys, Check out the special girls-only online camps for Minecraft Coding and Survival at
Connected Camps online summer camp lets your child work on teams with other children and in conjunction with great counselors to create engaging video games.
If video games aren’t your child’s thing they can also enjoy camps that teach Architecture, Engineering, Survival Camps, and much more.

Your child will learn and enhance skills such as:

  • Game Design
  • Coding
  • Teamwork
  • Creative Thinking



I know from experience that these skills will help them for years to come.


My son is now grown, but when he was in high school he was part of a coding design team that was entered into a competition in Washington D.C. He was on a team of four and they were on a very limited time frame to complete a project. They had to work hard and quick. My son, much to his own surprise, was instrumental to the team winning. I say surprised because my son was not doing very well in school. Even though he was a smart kid, he downplayed his smarts at school and did not earn good grades. Unfortunately, he found school unchallenging and boring. However, when he was in an environment where he was connected-camps--online-summer-camp-for-kidsabsolutely needed as part of the team he performed and performed well. I had actually forgotten about this competition until the other day when he reminded me. He beamed as he recalled the competition and his part in winning the award. I was happy to know that entering him into that competition help to build his self-esteem when he sorely needed it. If I had only known that he would be so challenged by this kind of project I would have introduced him to it earlier than high school.


connected-camps--online-summer-camp-for-kidsEngaging your child in activities they enjoy but taking it to the next level is essential in boosting their self-esteem. Summer should be for relaxing and doing fun things but a child should never stop learning.
Online technical summer camp is a way for kids to keep learning in a different way than the usual grind.

We at are all about keeping your child engaged and helping them find their passion. We highly recommend Connected Camps as a way to learn, grow and beat the summer blues!

Keep your child a step ahead!


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