The One Drop Rule My A%$

June 2, 2016 josierk 1 comment
Charliegh & Spring – Kindergarten Graduation

If you have read my blogs before then you know I don’t mince words. Neither me nor Goliath will ever force my child into a mold that was not meant for her. She will identify however she chooses rather that be white, black or biracial. My child has friends of all shades and really has not restricted herself to any classification nor does she have to.


Now I don’t know everything (don’t tell my husband that), but every now and then I’ll read something that intrigues me. I kept coming across this “one drop rule” and decided to look it up. This “one drop rule” was something I was 110% ignorant to. I came to find that it was not only a “social rule” in our history but that it was actually a law! I almost lost my mind.
To break it down, this law stated that if a person had one drop of black blood then they too were black. Dear Lord that sounds like something Donald Trump would conjure up, doesn’t it?


I get we came from a bad place and that history is something I will never truly be able to fathom, but to see how many people who still think this way, now that my friend is a travesty. There is no way that I would have made it in the times that these things were deemed acceptable, and the time I did make it they sure would have had a lot on their hands. Just wow!


Even Tillman in the 19th century confronted the legislators saying that he knew there was not one “pure blooded” white man on the floor. He pointed out how in one way or the other everyone has some mixture in their blood, but would they want to be classified or denied due to this one drop of black blood.



Now that my friend, is a great point! You would guess either they would change the law or accept that everyone in the room is black. I love it when someone gets caught in their own web, don’t you? It’s kind of one of those moments you wish you could go back in time just to see the looks on their faces. Still, the one drop rule was adopted into law in 1910 and again under the Racial Integrity Act of 1924.

Guess they missed the point.


The rule was nothing more than a way to maintain white supremacy, period.


Though times have changed and these same restrictions do not apply to our children, there are actual laws still today in the United States there are still laws enforceable under the one drop rule. To me that is totally unacceptable. As a matter of fact, we will get to a very valid point concerning these laws and comparable ones a bit later.


Before the 1930’s the census classified anyone with obvious African/European mixed ancestry as mulatto.

Very seldom but sometimes their outward appearance would land them in the black or white category. Finally, after bitter and long battles by southern legislatures the census bureau ceased to utilize the classification of mulatto. With this being said also gone was documentation that categorized people of mixed race.

Now, one may ask why do we fight so hard to get that “individual classification” for our children back? Let me break it down. A box saying multiracial or biracial would be significant, a box saying mulatto that was forced on our children from a place of racism and hatred, now that is a horse of a different color (no pun intended). Also, today classifying as mixed or biracial does not restrict them in any way, but it allows them to truly embrace their amazing heritage.


Facts about Racial Identification in America Today

A 2002 study shows that many mixed race people who identify as “white” had at least 0.7% African American ancestry. Only 70% of the white population have no black ancestors. However, these are the people who immigrated from Europe in the 20th century hence were not working and living as closely with the African American community.



Those who are of mixed race but identify as black normally have 18% white ancestry or less. Only 10% of those who identify as black have more than 50% European ancestry according to the study.

Moreover, the Mitochondrial Eve scientific finding says we are all traced back to one woman in Africa, wake up people! Enough is enough is enough. It’s not a wonder parents of biracial children and people of color see color more and are sensitive to the issues surrounding it. This is not because we are racist, but it is because many still try to imprison our children and brothers and sisters by age old and long dead laws, beliefs, stereotypes and limitations. But let’s not get me started on that.


My Thoughts On The One Drop Rule

Now, the one drop rule to me is an insult. It is an outdated belief and it is as racist as white supremacy itself. If there are still enforceable laws surrounding it they are no more significant that the laws still on the law books saying they have to give you a gun and a horse when they release you from prison (yes that still exists from the 1800s).

So, I will continue to check all that apply on our legal forms (including the census) until the day comes that our children have a box identifying them as biracial or multiracial. I am not the only one! The 2010 census proves that more are identifying this way, and the mixed race populations are growing.

In over 15 states the numbers of biracial and multiracial people exceeded more than 200,000! The top three states reporting these numbers were Texas, California and New York all of which reported a multiracial population exceeding 500,000.
Looks like they fought the good fight, but that white supremacy mess is not only outdated but a war long since lost. In conclusion, the one drop rule is absolute bull malarkey and so are those who still believe in it, but hey, that’s just my opinion.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this “rule” and the ways that it may still be socially affecting our children today. Please leave your comments below.

Spring Lee




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  1. I do not understand why my birth certificate says African American.. My black father wasn’t even present at My birth,all the family members in the room were Caucasian and in the picures after birth I was completely white with no traces of black. I didn’t get those traits until later on. African American is on all my doctors forms, lisence etc even now as an adult. I often get angry because of this so when I am finally given any form that asks me to identity myself and they aren’t choosing for me & it doesn’t include multi racial I ignorantly check every race. In conclusion I want to know how doctors or whoever decides the race of the child. Why has america labeled me black ? Forcing me to take on something that not only do I not feel I am but biologically am not. I am native American,caucasian & African American,not black.. it truly bothers me

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