Biracial Parenting Tip of the day: Build them up so far that no man can tear them down.

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Bringing up Biracial Children – Building Self-Esteem

biracial-parenting-tip-of-the-day-build-them-up-so-far-that-no-man-can-tear-them-downEvery now and again I break from fiery topics and voicing my outspoken opinions. I give the hair care tips a rest and just want to touch base with my audience, mom to mom.

I had an amazing experience this weekend as I set out on a journey to add a little ingredients to the spice of life that will eventually develop my daughter’s character. This experience that I thought would help her grow also had a profound impact on me.

As share this with you please keep in mind I am 40 years old, a little fluffy and moderately active at best. That is only when I have to be, lol. I am not the active mom that volunteers all the time, runs 5ks and all that fancy stuff. I mean, I like to keep it simple, all the active stuff, that’s for another mother. However, when the chance rolled around to volunteer to help build a playground for the community how could I pass it up! The catch, it had to be built in 6 hours from the ground up.

I do want to say that very few things peeve me more than seeing a young person with the world owesbiracial-parenting-tip-of-the-day-build-them-up-so-far-that-no-man-can-tear-them-down me attitude. While that may be true in some sense, it will be a debt forever unpaid. These young people will miss out on so much. I was like that once. My road was not an easy one because of not only my outlook but the lack of ingredients I had. Our children have even more need for being built up, and opportunities like these, to me, are some of the ways that we can do just that.

Let’s build our children Up! So that the world cannot tear them down.

I want my child to embrace positivity and give back. I don’t want her to be bitter and focused only on the negatives. What we put into the recipe of our children’s life will have a huge impact on what they are to become. I didn’t have structure, good examples or even a fraction of the things I try to put into my child. I am feeling my way through as I go, and sometimes the lessons I lay out for her actually teach me as much if not more.

biracial-parenting-tip-of-the-day-build-them-up-so-far-that-no-man-can-tear-them-downSometimes you do something for your child and it turns out that it does so much more for you.

Our children are little sponges. With all of the negativity in the world I embrace the opportunity to squeeze some positivity in there. I want her to have a heart of charity. What sticks in the mind of a 6 year old more than building a playground. She may forget the toy donations at Christmas and trips to the nursing home, but she won’t ever forget this day.


Now, again, I am an older mom (40). I got there and it was an all out construction zone. They broke us up into teams and I ended up holding a ladder. I am thinking, nice, this will be an easy way to teach a moral lesson. When they called the people dragging all of those tarps full of wet mulch for a break and our little shade cover was completed the real lesson (for me and not her) began.

I found myself at the mulch pile, and I realized that all moral lessons won’t be easy to teach. However, things that we do they will remember for life. This became so much more important to me.

The most rewarding gifts came when I saw the look on my child’s face after going into the children’s museum where she had been playing all day. To a stranger she may look tired or even sad, but as her mother I assure you that was not the case.

biracial-parenting-tip-of-the-day-build-them-up-so-far-that-no-man-can-tear-them-downShe went in that morning to an empty canvas littered with tools and people. She came out to an all out playground.

She was overcome with emotion. She is a very sensitive child, which made the project and moral lesson even more profound. The children had a very important job inside that day which was making the ribbon for the ribbon cutting ceremony. What an amazing day, and what an amazing memory. Sometimes the harder we work at making a memory for our children the more precious it will become to us. ~ Spring Lee

I would love to hear some of your teachable moments or precious family memories! Please share below!




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