From the Mother of a Biracial Child: A call to Action

June 24, 2016 josierk 1 comment

from-the-mother-of-a-biracial-child-a-call-to-actionI wear a lot of hats. I am a Christian, a friend, blogger, a server, a neighbor, friend, sister and the list goes on and on. The most important thing I feel I am is a mom to a beautiful biracial child. The one thing I am not is perfect. I joined forces with Reggie to blog on her amazing website for the past several months. Some of the blogs have been run of the mill hair care and parenting topics while others I dared to step outside the box.
If we just do a spin off of what everyone else is saying how are we any different? How are we truly helping?
Some of the blogs I have posted are very personal experiences. For instance, on playground build day where I actually got more from the moral lesson that she did, and more recently when Charliegh popped off to me in the bathroom. Now that one really ruffled some feathers (including mine).
I am not perfect, I won’t handle everything perfectly, and I won’t rearrange the story to act and if I did handle it all perfectly. As moms we sometimes make mistakes. Sharing mine with you here on BiracialBoom will help other parents not to make those same mistakes.

Please Leave Comments on the website and not just on Facebook

Your feedback here on the site where others can read them immediately after reading the blogs is essential. Many people cannot see your responses just in the comments section of another person’s Facebook page. Your contributions will help me and other mothers out there look at the broader picture. Your responses are necessary for this blog to fulfill its purpose. We have to unite for BiracialBoom to be a successful support tool in biracial communities and for the parents of biracial children.

United we can make a difference!

It is so important for us as parents and as people to react to the articles you read here on the platform so other parents can really get all they can from each and every blog post. I challenge every reader to comment under the blogs here on even if it is calling me out or critiquing me in some way.
I don’t care if your opinion is different than mine. I welcome constructive criticism. I am open to becoming a better mom to this amazingly complex little girl, and I too seek answers from my community. So please, read the posts, and comment under them your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you. ~Spring

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1 Comment on “From the Mother of a Biracial Child: A call to Action

  1. I love this post. It is so true that we need to support each other by sharing our own challenges and accomplishment. You never know when your comment could be just what someone else needed to hear!

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