Why it’s so important to get your child involved in Summer activities

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why-its-so-important-to-get-your-child-involved-in-summer-activitiesWhen many parents hear the words “summer camp” they cringe at the thought of what the price tag will be. Last year I had Charliegh in a not so great daycare. When I found out some of the things taking place there I was desperate to find another resource and without missing work to do it.

I heard from a friend about some local summer camps, so I started calling around. I finally found her a spot at the local YWCA, and to my surprise it was no more than I was paying for her daycare. I really loved that their mantra was “empowering women and fighting against racism.”

There’s still a few weeks left of Summer!


The benefits were abundant. Rather than being stored in a room until I could get back to her, she was involved. I don’t mean with her head in a computer or coloring. She was making friends, running, swimming and going on field trips. This year I even signed her up for swim lessons while she is at camp. They had a big end of camp shindig too. That boosted her teamwork skills and confidence.


I was looking for a safe solution fast, and while it benefited me, summer camp changed my daughters world.
Even if you have a parent available through those hours and don’t have to have “child care” Summer Campos offer so much they cant get at home. As biracial children our babies already struggle to find their place. Being in a positive environment keeps them distracted and way to busy to end up doing things with the wrong crowd. Summer camp has very profound benefits to children of all ages. Plus, why-its-so-important-to-get-your-child-involved-in-summer-activitiesthey are making lifelong memories.

Our children are spending their days being active rather than inside on the computer or gaming system. They are able to really experience success and their self confidence. They learn independence and social skills. In this environment our children gain resiliency, and they are receiving nurturing to grow into stronger, healthier more successful people. While my daughter goes through her camp experiences she will develop lifelong skills rather it is swimming, crafts or something she picks up from one of their many educational field trips. The variety of activities alone are learning tools that may even help our children find their passion.


Breaking the monotony is also important. They are able to unplug from modernized technologies and just be kids. They have more time for unstructured play. The day to day routing is broken, and they can just be little kids.

One thing children don’t get a lot of nowadays is a true connection to nature, and Summer camp will offer them that. They will look forward to seeing their Summer camp buddies year after year. This is truly a priceless experience for our children that cost no more than and maintains the same hours as the average day care if you find the right one.

It is my hope that one day Charleigh will become a camp counselor hence giving back to the center than is giving her so much. Many of them are high school kids volunteering their time to our children at the end of the day. These are the types of role models I want to place in her path.

~Spring Lee

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