Is your child a victim of Racial Bullying?

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is-your-child-a-victim-of-racial-bullyingYesterday was Charliegh’s first day back after summer vacation. She has left kinder naptime and centers for first grade! I was a little anxious. I know they separated many of the kids with their having two classes for first graders, and I was super relieved when I got the run down on who was going where. She ended up with a great class, and her teacher seems pretty awesome too.
If you ask Charliegh that is what she will tell you anyways.
With these new big kid rules, like not walking them to their class now or kissing them in front of their friends, comes bigger kid’s problems. It is important that we know what to look for. As our kids grow they simply don’t confide in us the way they did when they were younger.


Become aware of signs of Racial Bullying


As parents, it is up to us to notice signs of racial bullying. There has never been a more culturally diverse America, yet still our children deal with racial bullying on a daily basis from peers, authority figures, etc. The secret lies in not waiting until the bullying starts to build our children up, but build them us strong from day one n their self-confidence and with a genuine love for their culture.


Know that going momma grizzly doesn’t usually help the situation, even though it is often our first instinct. Racial bullying is illegal if you can get someone to listen. If you keep trying you will. Schools have to listen, because these incidents have been reported starting as early as age 6 and escalating until an intervention is done.


It has to be dealt with


Know that the school cannot legally pass off your concerns. They have to look into it, and if they don’t you have to make it known. Contact anyone who will listen from the media to the superintendent with threats of going to the media. Outside of just allowing the school to handle it a police report should also be made to document the bullying.
Up to 70% of children have reported some type of bullying in school, and more than half of that was racially based. The thing is there are so many more outlets for children to be bullied. Social media had turned out to be one of the favorite tool of young bullies to date. Bullying is taken far more serious in schools now since in recent history it has led to some catastrophic outcomes.


Take action…..


Whether it is verbal, cyber, indirect, physical or racial bullying has to be shut down in its tracks, and ignoring it won’t make it go away. Addressing it won’t make it worse, believe me, bullying only gets worse. After addresses and the bullying is stopped the talk surrounding it will also thin out. Not addressing it only gives the perp the green light to take it farther.


The signs…..


Some signs to look for may be but are not limited to them making excuses for bruises, becoming withdrawn, angry, depressed or sad, suddenly not wanting to go to school or even a change in appetite. They may have sleep disruptions and start being very self-critical or they may start slipping academically.


It is a good idea to be very involved with your child’s school. It is a simple fact that teachers will pay more attention if they know that you are. Open communication between parent and school will help you to know that you child is ok. Also, check their phone, email and social media sites often. This is not an invasion of privacy it is parenting. In today’s times we can’t afford not to. ~Spring


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