An Interracial Relationship: Love or a Business Deal?

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An Interracial Relationship: It’s Just Business or is it?


an-interracial-relationship-love-or-a-business-dealWhen entering into an interracial relationship, does the first thought that enters into the mind of couple is, can this be a great business deal or our we really going to turn this into a long-term relationship.  I don’t believe that either one of those statements crosses the mind  of two people entering into an interracial relationship. But what if the relationship does turn into a business deal, who then would benefit from the business deal?


Usually business deals require both parties getting something out of the deal that will benefit each party involved. How does that work when it comes to interracial relationships? Lets look at several different interracial relationship scenarios, the first scenario is a low-class social economical Black man who is dating a low-class social economical White women. The second scenario is a lower-class social economical White woman in a relationship with a middle-class Black man, and the third scenario is a middle-class social economical Black man in a relationship with a upper-class social economical White woman.  Now you may have noticed that I did not put a lower class Black man and an upper-class White women in a scenario, and I will explain that at a later time, but for now I will explain the business deal or relationship in each scenario.


First scenario: Lower Class Black Male with a Lower Class White Female.


Who has anything to gain in a business deal when it comes to two people being in the same social economic status? If neither have anything to gain from a business prospective, then love has to be the driving force behind the relationship. I say that this type of relationship is not a business deal, because the White women does not bring any social status the Black man and the Black man does not add any economic status to the White woman. So, since neither person can bring any economical value or societal value then this type of relationship can be driven by love and not a business deal.


Second scenario: Middle Class Black Male with a Lower Class White Female.


In this situation, the Black middle-class male may have a job and education that puts him in the middle social economic status, but could be viewed as a lower-class socially, however, with the White woman being a crown jewel in America, and with the male dating this lower class White women, his status actually rises socially, therefore making this a great business deal for the minority in this scenario.


Third scenario: Middle Class Black Male with an Upper Class White Female.


This situation is somewhat less likely to happen, because the upper class white woman is at the height of the socially economic status, and the middle class Black male could not bring anything to the relationship. It would be good for the Black male for business reasons, but it could be good for the White woman relational. This situation, like I stated earlier this relationship is less likely to happen.  What I have experienced in these types of relationships; is that the Black male will usually have more education and work experience, where as the White women may have not had to work to get what she needed, it was always provided for her.



Now these scenarios can be a little far-fetched, however they are not that far off of what interracial relationships can become. Something that begins as a strong relationship could subconsciously turn into a business relationship. Right or wrong being in an interracial relationship is hard, especially when it comes to racial topics, also this year’s Presidential election has spiced things up in my relationship. The next time you see an interracial couple, you should ask them what are they looking to get out of the relationship?


My wife and I are in a marriage bible group, and sometimes being the only minority there, it seems as if I am speaking for the entire African-American race. My next piece of writing will discuss interracial couples going to worship centers either majority White or majority Black. Either way, those stares comes and I don’t know how many times I have been greeted, and asked how long I have been coming to our church. We talk about that next time.  ~ Eric, guest blogger


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