Essential Tips for Biracial Hair Care

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essential-tips-for-biracial-hair-careIt is no secret than the beauty care articles in your favorite magazine offer tips for hair care, but it is rare to find tips for biracial hair care. This is one of the reasons so many sites like BiracialBoom have sprung up to create an atmosphere where moms of biracial children can bond and share with one another their struggles and triumphs.


Our children will grow and change. Like any other teen they will want to relax, color and process their hair in whatever new trend may be taking place, but as their parents we cannot allow chemical processing.


Furthermore, most techniques used on Caucasian or African-American hair alone won’t work as well on biracialhair. Biracial hair has its own texture, its own personality. There are a lot of products out there that are specifically for biracial hair. Mixed Chicks is just one example.



Paying attention to the ends is very important when deep conditioning. It is also a good idea to get a trim at least once a year to get rid of any split ends so that they do not travel up the hair shaft.



Don’t blow dry too often. It’s fine to braid wet hair back after washing and detangling and allow conditioners to just soak in. When you get up the next morning the hair is still damp, easy to style and super moisturized! Having a nice layered cut will maximize manageability and give a very stylish bouncy curl pattern.


Don’t relax biracial hair. It is rarely recommended. The grow out is a commitment, and it is not pretty. There could be irreparable damages done to the hair and curl pattern itself.


Using Moroccan Oil is great for deep conditioning and hydrating shampoos and conditioners are essential. Moisture is always a focal point for luscious locks. You need more than surface conditioner. Adding a penetrating mask to the wash regime is a great idea.



Remember, over hydration is simply not possible. What do you think? Do you have any biracial hair care tips or tricks that work for you? ~Spring

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