Should You Relax Your Biracial Child’s Hair?

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should-you-relax-your-biracial-childs-hairWhen it comes to relaxing your biracial child’s hair I hear the words “I didn’t know what to do” and “frustration” a lot. I have even heard a story where a mom at her wits end was having to let her daughter, whom already had a rather difficult to manage curl pattern, spend a lot of times with relatives who just refused to help care for her baby’s hair decided this was the only option.


The things is relaxers for a biracial child’s hair is never a good idea. However, if a parent feels it is their only option they should not be judged for making that decision based on their unique circumstances. Every child with every type of curl pattern and texture has alternatives. However, everyone caring for that child has to be on board.


Should you relax your Biracial child’s hair?


Relaxing your child’s hair because it is easier for you is never a reason to relax. This can cause severe damage and breakage. Your baby’s hair could stop growing, fall out or even melt. Also, his or her curl pattern can be permanently damaged. The real answer for manageability is identifying your child’s curl pattern and getting the appropriate products to manage it. Brands like Mixed Chicks Kids should-you-relax-your-biracial-childs-hair, Curly Q’s,Carol’s Daughter Tangle-Free CD4KIDS Trio ~ Shampoo, Conditioner, Detanglershould-you-relax-your-biracial-childs-hairAND Kinky-Curly, Tiny Twirlsshould-you-relax-your-biracial-childs-hair are all wonderful. If you are on a budget try One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatmentshould-you-relax-your-biracial-childs-hairor One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatmentshould-you-relax-your-biracial-childs-hair.



What message are you sending to your child when you relax her hair? It can be a huge blow to her self esteem, even if it is what she thinks she wants. You are risking damages that are very obvious and could lead to embarrassing encounters. Furthermore, there are health effects that could be associated with relaxing. Yes, even using the kiddie relaxers claiming to have no olive oil or lye.


Ruining your biracial child’s hair before it even get a chance to thrive and grow is just not the solution until there truly is no other. I think a child should be taught to embrace their natural beauty. When they reach an age to make those decisions for themselves, break out the flat iron and make them wait a little longer. If it is something they truly want make them understand the real consequences that relaxing can present. Also push that with the flat iron they at least have some versatility. While that too can lead to damage to the curl pattern at least it is not toxic, and it won’t be as bad as a chemical process would be. ~Spring


What do you think? Should you relax your Biracial child’s hair? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.



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