Biracial Families in the Media: Nella The first Biracial Princess Hits Nickelodeon!

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Biracial Families in the Media: Nella The first Biracial Princess Hits Nickelodeon!

biracial-families-in-the-media-nella-the-first-biracial-princess-hits-nickelodeonWe have fought many battles the average parent bringing up a single race child could never understand. That is not to say they wont see their own struggles, because they will. Still, unless you have a biracial child you can never truly understand how very different those struggles are.
It was not until 1967 that all of the states recognized interracial marriages as legal. Even then, the people who chose to move forward with those marriages faced a lot of hatred and racism. Their children were often excluded and seen as an abomination. It was nothing to get paid a visit by the KKK in those days.
By the grace of God and a lot of wonderful people taking a stand we have come leaps and bounds in the name of progress.
We still face hurdles, and our children still have a lot of obstacles to overcome that a single race child wont face. The wonderful news is that there is evidence that the nation is accepting the fact that the face of the average American family is changing.
Cheerios and Old Navy busted open a powder keg featuring interracial children and families on their ads. Flood gates of hate and praise stormed the internet. It was a celebratory time in our home! The same can be said when articles in well known and respected magazines made the cover like the one published by National Geographic celebrating their 125th anniversary” What the Average American Will Look Like in 2050.” In short the average American will be Biracial or Multiracial and breathtakingly beautiful.
In 2017 National Geographic also published “The Changing Face of America” which only reinforces that our children are no longer alone as they once were but for thie parents and if they were lucky a friend or two like them. Still, how interested can you get a 6 year old in a National Geographic story.


As parents of these amazing children we have our online support system, a few great books and few resources other than those we have to really seek out or create. Take me and Reggie for instance. When I ran across her ad for a blogger for it was more than a job, it was and still is a passion.


That is great for older kids and adults, but what of the younger biracial children seeking to identify with something or someone in their world and on their level. Well, thank you Nickelodeon. They have finally created a knight princess that has a white mommy and a black daddy. Her name is Nella. Let me tell you while it may not be much to some people it is a great victory to moms of biracial children.
The creator of our new biracial princess, Hahn, decided to take the outcome whatever it may be because he felt that Nella was a direct representation of what the world in fact looks like to today’s children. Studies show that by 2020 most youth will be biracial. Today numbers of biracial children are at 17 percent and growing at rapid rates.
While all of these things are great we still have work to do. There is a need in our communities for families like ours to share their triumphs, knowledge and struggles in comments section under the blogs or on the Facebook Page. We need to be able to find support, and we have a duty to share what we are learning with others in order for our children to truly succeed. Look, we are that village. It can be done alone, but it doesn’t have to be.

Because every child deserves to have a hero, and the right to be a fairy-angel-princess-knight! ~ Spring Lee

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