Amazing Hair Tips for Biracial Hair


Hair Care for Biracial Children; Its about finding what works for your child's unique hair!


hair-tipsI am no stranger to walking up to a total stranger with amazing hair while struggling through the hair care aisle and asking for tips. I have used countless products and spent countless dollars trying to get that perfect hair care line for my child. After 6 years I have ended up with a combination of brands and products that work great for my child's hair.


The struggle is real, but it doesn't have to be war.


A huge misconception that many parents have is that their child's hair is “Black” or “White”. There is simply no such of a thing as Black or White hair. There are different variations of curls and textures, period. Start with your base product which will be shampoos and conditioners. Anything with Sheahair-tips
or Arganhair-tips is great. The focus is moisture.


When it comes to styling your child's hair do not use bands with the metal clips or anything rubber. While they hold great they will break your child's hair badly. Instead use the plastic clips or covered bands. Mixed chicks has a line of ponytail holders that really work great for bound styles.


Take out any bands near the scalp before bed. It is a good idea to braid the hair before bed to keep out tangles. Sleeping in a ponytail can cause breakage. Another thing to remember is that pulling your child's hair too tight is not only uncomfortable, but it will cause hair loss around the hairline. Take your child in for a trim once a year if it grows slowly and twice if your child's hair grows fast. This will maintain healthy hair that grows fast.


While I have some staple products, it seems we are always changing hair-tipsto target one issue or another. All of my staple products are definitely from the One n' Onlyhair-tips hair care line or Mystic Devin. I have a few back ups from the Just For Mehair-tips line in case I run out or I cant find my preferred products. Every now and again I will indulge in something from the Mixed Chicks hair-tips hair care line, however I keep their flat iron serum on hand.



Hair care tips


Never use a brush on coarse hair. If your child has a silkier texture a brush is ok sometimes, but a comb is best. Brushes will break your child's hair and cause frizz. I find a brush for smoothing the hair back is great, but when it comes to tangles a wide tooth combhair-tips
is the preferred tool to use.


You should not wash your child's hair more than once a week. I have found that washing once a week works if I do a conditioning rinse closer to the end of the week. When I do this I leave most of the conditioner in her hair. Deep conditioning is essential at least once a week. For the days in between washing or conditioning you want your child's hair to look amazing. On days where the hair is not wet, try to style letting the curls just be as they are. If you have to comb your child's hair on dry days you will need to use a leave in conditioner, some curl cream and a curl defining spray to wet the hair enough to comb through while allowing the curls to redefine themselves. Never comb or brush dry hair.


If your child has an issue with frizz then you have to moisturize. Everything that you do should have a moisturizing focus, and stay away from alcohol based products. Use products with Argon oils. Never use a brush, and focus on hair care specifically for your child's curl pattern.


hair-tipsThe product lines I recommend the most are One 'n Only or Mystic Devin from Sally's Beauty Supply store. These would be followed only by the Mixed Chicks hair care line. Everything else is meant to be used as a go between quick fix that will do nothing to assist in the moisturizing process. At the end of the day you want to use products that are beneficial to the health of your child's hair.



Do NOT use relaxers / straighteners!


This is a sure fire way to destroy your child's hair and curl pattern. Once you use one of these products you will have to either continue it when new growth starts to appear or cut the child's hair off altogether. I used the “temporary” one by Just For Me. I was terrified until her curls reappeared in all their glory. If she is just insistent on having straight hair I will flat iron after her deep conditioning and retouch it through the week until the next one (using the appropriate hair care products of course).


You do not have to use a scarf on your child's head, but a satin pillow casehair-tips
is a great idea. Remember not to comb your child's hair dry. The only thing you should ever use a brush for is laying down those edges.


A little about Flat ironing


While flat ironinghair-tips is not great for your child's hair it is far better than relaxing or straightening products. Flat ironing should not be done all the time. You will burn your child's hair. If you do flat iron use a good heat protecting hair care line. Mixed chicks has a great hair care product for flat ironing called Mixed Chicks Straightening Serumhair-tips. If you are flat ironing on a regular basis you want to go with something better than a heat protecting spray.


 Mixed Chicks Hair Linehair-tips


I find that Walmart and Target usually carry this line of hair care. It can also be ordered online through Amazon. While I do love it, this is a pricey solution. If you have the cash go for it. Remember, it is ok to mix and match products. What works on your child's hair may not work for another, so it will be a process of trial and error. When you find a product that works hang on to it! Again, we use several products from several different lines.


Just For Me Hair Care LInehair-tips


The Just for Me hair care line can be found in beauty supply stores, Walmart, and Amazon. The prices wont break the bank, but I find when it comes to hair care this is my go to product when I cant get my preferred products for whatever reason. These products seem to weigh a little heavier. It seems like they don't absorb into the hair, but they sit on top of it. This product is cheap and easy to find. I would say you get what you pay for, but I have used some pricey products that work the same as this product line does. It all comes back to what works best for your child's hair. I feel like this would work better on a child whose hair has a more coarse or frizzy texture. When a child's hair has a silkier texture this line seems to sit on top rather than really absorb in, and washing becomes more frequent. In either case this is definitely worth a shot. It is great to have around in case of a hair-emergency.


One n' Only Hair Care Linehair-tips


This is my favorite hair care line of all time! My line up includes the One 'n Only leave in conditioner, One 'n Only curl cream, One n' Only mousse and a curl sculpt conditioning gel from Garnier hair-tipsFructis. I use the gel to put around her edges and finish it with the dry oil spray. When I cant find something in the One ' n Only line I will use Mystic Devin at Sally's. Again I use a combination of brands to target different things. You have to find the combination that best works for your child's hair.


I didn't have anyone to go to in order to find the tough answers. I remember doing everything wrong. I used baby oil and washed her hair entirely too much. I learned through trial, error, asking questions, spending a lot of money and using countless hours to research. I have put in the work, and I am positive that if you follow these easy steps and find the right combination of products that you too will benefit from healthy, manageable hair for your little one. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. We would love to hear what works for you! ~Spring Lee


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