Lauren was born and raised in London before moving to Hertfordshire at the age of 9. Growing up mixed has been both a blessing and a curse although at the age of 22 Lauren identifies as a proud mixed raced woman.

The fact of her heritage makes Lauren a helpful source for this blog, although she also has a few other strings to her bow. For almost ten years Lauren’s mum has been a foster carer specializing in troubled teens, and for Lauren this means that she experienced many kinds of trauma, neglect and emotional distress at a young age. An already mixed raced family made Lauren and her mum the perfect choice for children facing identity issues. Her experiences led her on a search for answers, a search which ended up at University studying for a degree in Psychology.

Across the course of her studies, Lauren learnt lots of valuable tips and tricks to help the children in the care of her family, as well as helping herself. She learnt the value of belonging to a social group, the importance of an infant attachment as well as ways to deal with the struggles that come with disorders like autism and depression.

There is a saying that the people who study psychology are mad themselves, and to an extent this true. Two of Lauren’s housemates at university suffered with mental illness, specifically Bi-Polar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Watching the battle that her friends faced on a daily basis pushed her to try and help students suffering with similar problems. She joined the student services team and with the help from the experienced counsellors there set up a peer support group for students suffering with mental illness. The group was a great success and is still going strong now even after Lauren has left university.

Lauren now makes her living as a copywriter, but she still enjoys writing articles and blog posts in her spare time. As well as this blog she writes for The News Hub and runs her own psychology blog which uses psychology studies and theories to give tips that make daily life a little easier.

Mental Illness and issues surrounding identity are hugely important to Lauren. During her life she has faced both of these topics more than once. She definitely struggled as a teen growing up in an area that was almost completely white. There were no other mixed raced individuals to turn to for guidance, and as a result she sort of stumbled her way through most of that period. Although she gained a degree from university and a fountain of knowledge that will benefit her for the rest of her life, what she gained the most was the confidence to be herself. Being forced out of her comfort zone and to meet new people as an adult was exactly what she needed, she had to make a decision then of who she was, and how she was going to present herself to her new friends and peers. From that moment on, she has made an effort to be comfortable in her own skin, this is a lifelong project but one that she is fully committed to.

If only one person is able to take something positive from Lauren’s posts that that is good enough for her.