Spring Lee

Spring was born in Houston Texas. She has published work like “How to develop your gifted child's creativity” and “Parenting Styles: how you parent today will create the reality of their tomorrow.” She is now proudly adding to her resume weekly blog submissions for BiracialBoom.com. She comes to us through firsthand knowledge being the proud mother of a little girl who is (black/white) beautifully blended.


She is especially dedicated to giving a voice to crime victims, helpless children and the families of those victims. She also does volunteer work acting as an advocate to bring awareness to and freedom from domestic violence. On top of that and being a mother she also has a full time job in customer service.


Spring went head to head with the Rapides Parish School board over an unsafe walk zone in her neighborhood. She got every child a safe bus ride to school. She is a fighter for the weak, the silenced and the ones so often discriminated against. In her world she is the minority, and she wouldn't have it any other way.


Spring thinks it is important to mention to her readers that though her bio makes her sound a bit prestigious, it is important that her readers know it took 40 years to gather this collection of accomplishments.


She was a mother before graduating high school, and she lives on meager means. She is living the same daily life, facing the same daily struggles and has the same financial worries as the next guy. She just finds a place to focus life's worries, and that is most often on making sure her little girl, Charleigh, is ok. He primary goal is to make sure her daughter has more than she ever did and on many different levels.


Spring is not afraid to step outside of the box and speak on what others may be afraid to say. She is not a believer in media censorship, and if it is an issue she will hit it head on. She is a veteran writer, and with her work comes uncensored, high quality and well researched content. She doesn't mince words, as seen in her article published by examiner “The Racial Divide; White Mother of Black Child Speaks Out”.


This is one of the many reasons that some love her; some not so much, but everyone wants to know what she is going to say next. Her stories are oftentimes very personal to her. Her end goal is to make a difference. You can't do that by fitting into the mold of everyday society's expectations.